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来源:http://www.shandonglietou.com 发布人:shunxing 日期:2021-04-15
盛先生应聘上了上海某集团公司的高 级电气工程师岗位,研发部门和HR都对盛先生的能力很认可,认为他非常的适合,于是与其沟通了入职时间、岗位情况、工资等信息,并安排其尽快上岗。盛先生按要求如约报到,但在提供入职资料时,却无法提供离职证明。
Mr. Sheng applied for the position of Senior Electrical Engineer in a group company in Shanghai. The R & D department and HR recognized Mr. Sheng's ability and thought that he was very suitable. Therefore, they communicated with him about the entry time, position situation, salary and other information, and arranged him to work as soon as possible. Mr. Sheng reported as required, but he was unable to provide proof of resignation when providing entry information.
Due to the shortage of manpower, the R & D department is in urgent need of personnel, and wants to get the candidates to the post as soon as possible. However, the HR department is worried that the risk of employment may be caused by arranging personnel to work without resignation certificate.
What can we do for those employees who really can't provide proof of resignation? The following is the headhunting company's suggestion that we refer to the following ways to reduce legal risks.
1、 必要的背景调查
1. Necessary background checks
First of all, communicate with employees to understand the reasons why they can not provide, and do the corresponding background investigation. What is the structure of the original company? How many people are there in each department? Who is the boss? Who is the vice president? Who was HR recruited at that time? Can you provide the contact numbers of some colleagues in the original company? Can you provide the company's fixed line telephone? ......
After that, the most important thing is to investigate their work performance. Even if everything is true, if they only know how to talk and have no real ability, everything will be zero. Multi party inspection, inspection and judgment of the information provided by employees can greatly reduce the risk.
2. Verification of relevant certificates
Generally speaking, HR will require employees to provide ID card, education certificate, resume, employee information form, resignation proof photo and other relevant documents during the check-in process, and verify them. It mainly focuses on the authenticity of relevant certificates (education background, professional qualification, resume, etc.) of employees, and whether to terminate the labor contract with the previous company.
3. Check for violations
In the era of Internet, many enterprises will cooperate with the local public security bureau. New employees will use the "ID card scanner" to scan the identity of the job seeker before entering the job, and then send the information to the Public Security Bureau. If the job seeker has a criminal record or is a fugitive arrested by the Public Security Bureau, we can receive a notice before the employee enters the job, so as to avoid these undesirable elements from entering the company.
4. Require employee to issue letter of commitment
After the back transfer, the company can ask the employee to provide a letter of commitment, promise that he has no labor relationship or labor relationship with other units, and guarantee that the company will not violate any non competition obligation of the original unit. Otherwise, the employee shall bear all the consequences.
If we have done in-depth background investigation, and the employees are competent for the present work, and the employees are willing to sign the letter of commitment, the company can still let the employees in.
Generally speaking, the human resources department needs to strictly control the entry of new employees through various ways and channels to prevent those who do not meet the requirements of the company from entering the company. If it is too late to take remedial measures after such personnel enter the company.