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Preparation before telephone interview communication


Before communicating with companies or candidates over the phone, headhunting consultants need to make a series of preparations.


Firstly, it is necessary to adjust one's mentality, overcome one's fear, and be prepared for rejection. Then, you need to read the candidate's resume to understand whether their personal basic information, educational background, work experience, project experience, etc. are complete, whether there are any gaps in their work experience, and whether their development is "upward". Secondly, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the information of the recruiting company, such as industry information, company nature, development trends, corporate culture, and job position information, including department structure, reporting situation, team cooperation, and so on.


General language and questions for telephone interviews


After dialing the phone, first confirm the other person's name and confirm if their time is convenient, and then introduce oneself (personal+company).


During the interview process, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary telephone interview with the candidate. Generally speaking, the interview questions include: career development plan, development location, gap in employment time, reasons for job hopping, etc.


For different professions, you can ask some targeted questions, such as performance, number of team members led, familiar channels, clients contacted, successful cases, responsible projects, projects contacted, etc


During the phone conversation with the candidate, follow up on the questions answered by the other party. Please also pay attention to the following details.


Dig deeper into the candidate's job search motivation


Inquire and inquire if there are any questions regarding the selection of candidates that need to be understood and answered


Inform candidates of the general recruitment process and inquire about a convenient time period for selecting candidates


Provide appropriate suggestions and opinions to candidates


Common Questions in Telephone Interviews


Be sure to interact with the other party, ask guiding questions, listen to the candidate's answers, and provide appropriate responses.


When encountering a candidate who talks endlessly, learn to interrupt appropriately and not let them master the rhythm.


Telephone interviews are not just about confirming information and work experience. The interview time should not be too short, usually taking 30 minutes or more to fully understand the candidate's situation.



2、 Enterprise HR does not cooperate


Enterprise HR often finds it difficult to find suitable core talents in the short term and chooses to quickly find suitable candidates through headhunting companies, hoping that headhunting companies can quickly complete recruitment work.


However, when headhunting consultants start talent search work, they often encounter various uncooperative issues from the company's HR: they never give back on the candidate's situation, are unwilling to provide detailed information about the recruitment position, and are too harsh on the candidates recommended by the headhunters; Because they believe that since the company has already incurred headhunting expenses, it should be the headhunting consultant serving them. Why provide information to headhunting consultants? However, enterprise HR has forgotten that everyone has a common goal - to recruit suitable candidates in a timely manner, and to forget that headhunting consultants have the same channels for searching for talents. The reason why headhunting consultants can quickly find suitable candidates is mainly through their professional search ability and spending a lot of time and energy to complete it. If the enterprise does not cooperate, the headhunter cannot obtain the necessary information and cannot use their professional abilities to find candidates.


Although such enterprise HR is only a small part, it indicates that some enterprise HR still have insufficient understanding of headhunting. However, as the headhunting industry gradually becomes popular and everyone has a certain understanding of headhunting, this phenomenon will gradually decrease.


3、 Unable to contact the candidate


At present, the main way for headhunting consultants to contact candidates is still through phone communication. However, with the increasing severity of information leakage and the rampant fraud groups in recent years, many people are no longer willing to take unfamiliar phone calls, even high-end talents in the workplace. When they receive a call from a headhunting consultant, they instinctively refuse, which makes it difficult for the headhunter to contact the candidate.


To solve this problem, the common practice of current headhunting companies is to strengthen their brand promotion, continuously enhance their brand effect through online channel operations on official websites and other self media platforms, and enable more people to understand the corporate brand.


Compared to the cooperation channel of actively contacting companies and candidates through phone calls, continuously shaping personal brands can enable more companies with headhunting needs to actively contact headhunting companies. This is an innovation and an inevitable trend that conforms to the development of the times.


The contacted candidates are not interested


Although the headhunting industry has become increasingly popular, many professionals still lack a clear understanding of headhunting.


The terms "resume porter" and "low-end human resources intermediary" have become symbols for headhunters, and some people even hang up when they receive a headhunter's call. The reason for such misunderstandings is that there are many small headhunting companies in the market that do not provide standardized services, but they do not do a good job in service, which makes people not fully recognize the services of the headhunting industry. Some small-scale headhunting companies engage in malicious competition for profit, resulting in a chaotic market and leaving a negative impression on people. There is also one who is truly uninterested in headhunting, has not had contact with headhunters, and has not realized the importance of headhunting services.


However, according to market definition, the headhunting industry will begin to reshuffle in recent years, and non-standard small headhunting companies will be eliminated by the market, leaving behind professional brand headhunting companies. At that time, when people receive headhunting calls, they are respectful and proud, and when it comes to headhunting companies, they think of a professional recruitment consultant team.


Who will bear the travel expenses incurred by the interview when the candidate is out of town?


There are two situations. One is for headhunting companies to interview candidates in other cities, and the other is for candidates to interview with companies.


In the former case, the headhunting company needs to obtain the consent of the enterprise, and the cost is borne by the enterprise. This fee is not included in the service fee.


In the latter case, according to general industry rules, the cost is borne by the enterprise, and most enterprises are willing to bear this cost. Because this also demonstrates the company's full respect for candidates. However, if the company is unwilling to bear this cost, the headhunter will suggest that the client first communicate fully with the candidate through other means and wait until they are completely satisfied before meeting with the candidate. Once both parties have a clear intention, the payment of fees will not be a problem.


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