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来源:http://www.shandonglietou.com 发布人:shunxing 日期:2022-06-01
In fact, with the acceleration of overseas layout of domestic enterprises, more and more managers begin to face the challenges of overseas talent recruitment and team building. As a result, remote recruitment, overseas personnel services, overseas headhunting services and other overseas talent recruitment methods have become hot topics, which deserve special attention from HR. Many people believe that headhunting service is an important guarantee for overseas recruitment.
Professional headhunting consultants are proficient in the laws, regulations and employment differences of the company's location and its jurisdiction. On the one hand, fully communicate with the company's HR to understand the post qualifications and ensure a full understanding of the posts recruited overseas; On the other hand, the consultant will use local channels. And talent network to find and screen qualified candidates for enterprises, eliminate cultural differences and deeply communicate with candidates about company and position details.
Changes in talent markets and recruitment in various regions are affected by many factors. Distance recruitment needs to define talent competency according to job requirements, and refer to the understanding of target groups under different educational, cultural, political and other backgrounds. For example, in Japan, South Korea and other places, local people will feel that foreign companies are less stable than local companies. If they go to work in a foreign company, the applicant usually applies for a job with the mentality that the foreign company should pay a higher salary.
Therefore, if the company only gives the social average wage, it will be very difficult to recruit. These nuances are hard to find for HR, but they are very important. Professional headhunting consultants will collect and sort out reports on talent map, salary range, industry organization structure, talent trend, etc. for HR professionals according to changes in regional policies and economic conditions. Reference basis.
From the preliminary screening of resumes, interview invitation to the later negotiation and distribution of offers and induction follow-up, professional headhunting consultants will provide excellent solutions from a professional and reasonable perspective in combination with the actual geographical conditions, eliminate cultural barriers and promote mutual cooperation between the two parties. Salary negotiation and contract terms negotiation to avoid labor disputes, improve the enrollment rate and ensure the legal compliance of the remote recruitment process.
Shandong headhunting company reminds us that overseas recruitment cannot be represented by an English offer. This is a win-win process based on employment strategy, specialty and direction, cultural understanding and inclusiveness. Professional headhunting consultants will analyze the recruitment progress data of a single position according to the actual situation of recruitment, provide monthly, quarterly and annual recruitment progress reports, and help enterprises effectively evaluate the effect of off-site recruitment and deploy the recruitment progress of the next stage. Recruitment plan.
The development mode of the domestic market is quite different from that of the overseas market. In addition, factors such as cultural differences at home and abroad make it almost impossible to introduce foreign experts or recruit overseas employees locally without experience. Therefore, if you have any needs, you can follow our company at www.shandonglietou COM, to provide you with professional services!