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来源:http://www.shandonglietou.com 发布人:shunxing 日期:2022-05-04
Do headhunting companies want part-time headhunting?
Let's not rush to answer this answer first. We analyze it step by step, and the answer comes out naturally.
First of all, we need to find out who likes to consider or is willing to work as a part-time headhunter?
1. People with unhappy career and low income want to realize cash and earn a little money through their so-called resources to know some people.
2. In the workplace, I often participate in activities and gatherings without goals. It seems that learning a lot of things is actually a waste of life. Through these aimless gatherings and training, I want to know some so-called "elites" and make some small money by introducing these "elites" friends to headhunters.
3. HR who complains about the company and doesn't want to change jobs and leave the company wants to cash in through their own resources.
4. I may hate that I want to operate my company's list through part-time headhunting, which is actually a disguised rebate.
5. Part time headhunters who want to make money can't make money, but those who unconsciously help headhunters introduce candidates or customers ask headhunters to give them some expenses instead of part-time expenses.
6. I want to establish a headhunting company, but I have no experience. I only want to find a headhunting company as a part-time job. After I get familiar with it, I will consider starting my own business.
Part time headhunting must be good for the headhunting company itself. Let's not talk about this. Let's analyze the bad impact of part-time headhunting on the headhunting company?
1. Suppose the part-time headhunters with bad character will use the headhunting company's brand intentionally or unintentionally (remember, good things don't say part-time headhunting, ha ha, you know) in their actual work, which will overdraw the headhunting company's brand and reduce the reliability of the headhunting company.
2. Part time headhunters generally do not have a strong sense of confidentiality. In order to earn some part-time expenses, they may disclose customer information and cause unnecessary trouble to customers. Lao Wang contacted a part-time consultant of a headhunting company and Lao Wang's company to make a list of customers at the same time, but the chairman and general manager of the customer repeatedly explained that the company's name, position and annual salary could not be disclosed in the recruitment process, and there was a need for face-to-face communication. And a part-time headhunter began to release the taboo recruitment contents of customers on the social platform, and the customers directly cancelled the cooperation with the headhunter company.
Lao Wang commented that the gain is not worth the loss.
3. Part time headhunting is easy to cause the loss of company content personnel. Because enterprises give part of their positions to part-time headhunters, their own headhunters will have fewer positions and less income, so they will naturally lose.
These are the bad effects of part-time headhunting on headhunting companies, but it is difficult for part-time headhunters to ensure their income. Here's the answer:
1. Suppose a part-time headhunter is not employed by the enterprise because the person recommended by a position passes the interview, and the resources become the of the headhunter company. If you become friends with the people of the headhunter company, you may throw away the introducer (part-time Headhunter). Don't say you have income. Others don't necessarily call you when they drink and eat. Because too many people are short-sighted. Well, realize it yourself.
2. Once the enterprise develops itself, the company has employees as part-time headhunters, and the consultants will be fired in nine cases out of ten. It can be seen that there is a certain threat to its own development.
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