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来源:http://www.shandonglietou.com 发布人:shunxing 日期:2021-04-08
Before that, we said the reasons for leaving the company were: first, the money was not in place; second, the heart was wronged. If you want to change jobs because you are not satisfied with the current salary, you may as well read this article and make a decision. Job hopping and salary increase should be planned before action.
So how do you know if you should change jobs? Tianjin headhunting company analyzes it as follows:
1 目前的薪资是否达到了市场水平?
1 is the current salary up to the market level?
Generally speaking, the wages of each person are measured only at the time of entry, and whether the wage will rise has the final say.
如果你入职的是一家相对大型且有完整薪酬体制的公司,那按照制度凭业绩说话,每年涨幅至多达到30%;如果你入职的是一家中小型公司,拼业绩的同时还要拼情 商等比较玄而又玄的东西,基本来说,涨薪无望。
If you are employed in a relatively large company with a complete salary system, the annual increase will be as much as 30% according to the performance of the system. If you are employed in a small and medium-sized company, you have to work hard for EQ and other mysterious things at the same time of performance. Basically, there is no hope of salary increase.
Let's start with an example. Xiao Yang worked as a copywriter in an advertising company. When he joined the company, he was paid 3K. The company promised to increase his salary by 30% every year, but it depends on his performance. Since then, Xiao Yang has worked very hard and often worked overtime. His performance has not only met the company's requirements, but also overfulfilled them. In three years, his salary has been adjusted twice, but it has not reached 30%. At the beginning of this spring, the headhunting company recommended a lot of high paid jobs to Xiao Yang, whose salary is almost twice that of Xiao Yang. Should Xiao Yang change his job at this time?
Analysis of Xiao Yang is in the chips: three years of work experience, hard work and outstanding performance, pay twice, that she is very capable.
Whether you want to jump or not depends on whether your current salary is equal to the market level. That is to say, how much money you can get for an advertising copy with three years' experience in the market can be compared with your salary, so you can make a general choice of whether to stay or not.
2 是否能承担跳槽附带的工作成本和生活成本?
2. Can you afford the work cost and living cost of job hopping?
If Xiao Yang's salary is below the market level, she will decide to change her job. Can she do it at this time?
It depends on the situation, mainly on whether they can bear the additional costs of job hopping.
比如,如果小杨现在所在的公司虽然薪资低,但接触的都是高 级项目且有很多重要的行业资源,如果这个时候辞职,她会错过成长的机会,离开公司后虽然行业人脉还在,但在自身实力没有被人认可的时候,平台才算是很好的背书。
For example, if the company where Xiao Yang works now has a low salary, but she is in contact with advanced projects and has many important industry resources, if she resigns at this time, she will miss the opportunity of growth. After leaving the company, although her industry contacts are still there, when her strength is not recognized, the platform is a good endorsement.
In addition, job hopping will bring moving and living costs. Although many people's job hopping is a way of "looking for horses on horseback", if the new company needs to move, whether the cost of living brought about by the new residence will increase or not will have to be recalculated.
3 能力是否得到了提升?
3. Has the ability been improved?
This is very important. If Xiao Yang has been muddling along in this company for three years, without any growth, eating and drinking, in fact, job hopping is basically meaningless to her.
因为在面试环节,你要拿出能够证明你有三年资历的证明:经手的项目,取得的成就,只有这些才是你脱离公司平台等外在因素,真 正属于你自己的成就。只有这些才足够让你有底气说出你期待的薪资。
Because in the interview process, you need to show that you have three-year qualifications: the projects you handle, the achievements you have made, and only these are the external factors that you leave the company platform and truly belong to your own achievements. Only these are enough to give you the confidence to say what salary you expect.
举个反面例子。很多人都觉得跳槽才是加薪的唯 一选择,比如小,她大学毕业三年里,换了4份工作,几乎每份工作都没有超过半年,虽然每次跳槽工资略有涨幅,但一直都在温饱线上打转。
Take a negative example. Many people think that job hopping is the only way to get a raise. For example, Xiao Wang has changed four jobs in the three years since she graduated from university. Almost every job has not been more than half a year. Although her salary increases slightly every time, she has been on the food and clothing line all the time.
Later, she couldn't help telling the people around her about her confusion. After listening to her experience, we found that Xiao Wang had no plan for his career, just blindly relying on his feelings and doing what he felt was hot in any industry. Moreover, he changed jobs frequently, didn't accumulate enough industry resources, and had been working as a basic post. That is to say, he knew everything but didn't master anything. We often say "one bottle dissatisfied, half bottle sloshing."
The terrible thing is that she didn't know it, didn't realize where her mistake was. She is often rejected as "the other side has no vision, not bole."
In this case, it can be imagined that although you have enough working years, it does not mean that you have the corresponding working ability. Some people can learn from others for three years in one year, while some people are just like a fresh graduate after three years.
跳槽并不是加薪的唯 一选择,实力过硬的人才不会在意跳槽,他们总是默默地经营自己,任何时候凭实力让别人信服,而不是跳槽过程中那些含糊其辞的粉饰,乍看一下貌似很有样子,其实全是泡沫。
Job hopping is not the only option for a pay raise. Strong talents do not care about job hopping. They always manage themselves silently, and convince others at any time by strength, rather than talk ambiguously.
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