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来源:http://www.shandonglietou.com 发布人:shunxing 日期:2020-06-18
  For most people, headhunters think they are recruiters, but this is not the case. So, what does headhunting mean? What are the differences between headhunting companies and recruitment websites?
  What does headhunter mean
  Headhunting is an imported word. It originally meant to cut off the head of the enemy as a trophy. Now it mostly refers to people looking for talents.
  《猎头》也是1982年香港上映的一部电影名称。在潮汕话中,“猎头”指光头,实际应为“蜡头”。 猎头一词来源于拉丁文,当时部落作战时把对方的头颅砍下来,挂在腰间炫耀。
  Headhunter is also the title of a film released in Hong Kong in 1982. In Chaoshan dialect, "headhunter" refers to bald head, which should be "wax head". The word "headhunter" comes from Latin. At that time, the tribe cut off the head of each other and hung it on the waist to show off.
  Nowadays, many people understand that headhunters are the recruitment program providers of employers' companies. They answer the questions about whether, where, how to attract them and how to retain them in the industry. It's a talent's friend who can give advice on career development. At least other candidates find out the lesson of detour. It is a bridge between talents and employers!
  The difference between headhunters and recruitment websites
  Although they are all about recruitment, they have different emphases.
  1. Recruitment through regular headhunters is faster than general recruitment. As the headhunter recruitment is to take the initiative, quickly lock the scope of the search and establish contact with the candidates. And in a closed channel, one-to-one communication with candidates can effectively achieve recruitment goals.
  2. Headhunter recruitment is more accurate than general recruitment. Because headhunters mainly dig people from the same positions in their customers' competitors' companies, the talents they find generally meet the requirements, so the phenomenon of leaving during the probation period is relatively small. Moreover, after the candidates are successfully recommended and go to work, the headhunter will provide a series of services to help the candidates adapt to the positions of the new company as soon as possible and avoid the risk of recruitment failure.
  3. The candidates recruited by headhunters are better than the general ones, which can greatly reduce the recruitment risk. This is because excellent talents are often attracted and reused by the original boss, which is rare in the mobile market. Senior talents like to change jobs through the recommendation of headhunting companies or friends, and can get a buffer of salary negotiation. Even if there are outstanding talents in mobile talents (job fairs, newspapers, Internet and other media advertisements), they often change jobs frequently due to poor interpersonal skills, high self-evaluation, self-centered, difficult to cooperate with others and other reasons. Regular headhunting companies have a wide range of search networks, which can repeatedly select recommended talents, verify their resumes or conduct personnel surveys, with the characteristics of high efficiency, timely and accurate, and avoid mistakes in employment.
  What is the Maping of headhunters
  Mapping / talent map.
  Contact all relevant personnel of the target area / company once to collect key data
  For example: find a personnel director in the Yangtze River Delta who knows French. (for position)
  Process: list all legal companies in the Yangtze River Delta, contact all HR as much as possible, ask about the approximate annual salary, education background, ability characteristics, etc
  Results: data search results, organize reports and submit them to customers or relevant persons in charge.
  There are also targeted companies, so it's hard,
  All the people in the target company need to contact. Skilled consultants can understand the whole department through 1-2 people. The old headhunters who have been in a certain industry for about 5 years have basically completed more than 50% of the mapping work independently. Just call on 1-2 assistants to help update the information.