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来源:http://www.shandonglietou.com 发布人:shunxing 日期:2021-09-10
Level 1: don't be a "tool man", use growth to fight anxiety
今天的职场人正处于以智能和大数据为代表的第四次工业革命时代。 这意味着新经济时代的到来,随着技术逐渐取代人力,只会重复机械化劳动,安于现状。 职场工作者已不能适应时代要求,被职场淘汰的风险逐渐增大。
Today's workers are in the era of the fourth industrial revolution represented by intelligence and big data. This means that with the advent of the new economic era, as technology gradually replaces manpower, it will only repeat mechanized labor and be content with the status quo. Workplace workers can no longer meet the requirements of the times, and the risk of being eliminated by the workplace is gradually increasing.
因此,面对时代变迁带来的职场焦虑,学习能力是信心的核心。 终身教育可以使从业者不惧怕工作场所的变化。 人力资源专家建议,作为职场人,除了不断努力,更重要的是要有终身学习的能力,不断打破圈子,才能跟上时代的步伐。
Therefore, in the face of workplace anxiety brought by the changes of the times, learning ability is the core of confidence. Lifelong education can make practitioners not afraid of changes in the workplace. Human resources experts suggest that as a workplace person, in addition to continuous efforts, it is more important to have the ability of lifelong learning and constantly break the circle in order to keep up with the pace of the times.
Layer 2: perceive employees' hearts and create a happy workplace
有房有车、财务自由、提前退休……记者调查发现,现在的职场人士,尤其是一些年轻员工,对于“加班是福”的态度是矛盾的。 他们想要平衡工作和生活,减少加班时间,并且很难放弃加班费的诱惑。
Having a house and a car, financial freedom and early retirement... The reporter's survey found that today's professionals, especially some young employees, have a contradictory attitude towards "overtime is a blessing". They want to balance work and life, reduce overtime, and it is difficult to give up the temptation of overtime pay.
对于部分员工在职场中的幸福感较低,这与企业管理者不了解一些基本的心理学理论有关。 每个人都知道“马斯洛需求层次理论”,但他们在与员工沟通时并没有真正使用它。 人们的基本需求得到满足之后,就会有成长的需求,比如技能的提升和地位的改变。 企业管理者应该意识到这一点,关注工作中的幸福指数,优化员工的工作环境和氛围,让人们拥有快乐的职场体验。
For some employees, their happiness in the workplace is low, which is related to the fact that enterprise managers do not understand some basic psychological theories. Everyone knows Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but they don't really use it when communicating with employees. After people's basic needs are met, there will be growth needs, such as skill improvement and status change. Enterprise managers should be aware of this, pay attention to the happiness index at work, optimize employees' working environment and atmosphere, and let people have a happy workplace experience.
The third level: positioning the stage of life and being yourself is success
社会转型期,浮躁的气氛牵动人心,成功变得急躁甚至偏执。 人们对生活的理想和品味,不知不觉地被搭上了“成功”的枷锁,焦急而迷失。 对成功的渴望已经成为一种普遍的社交焦虑,“成功焦虑”成为现代人身心的一种折磨。 种病。
In the period of social transformation, the impetuous atmosphere affects people's hearts, and success becomes impatient and even paranoid. People's ideal and taste of life are unconsciously put in the shackles of "success", anxious and lost. The desire for success has become a common social anxiety, "success anxiety" has become a torture of modern people's body and mind. A disease.
成功绝不是名利的物质化。 、名誉和地位等同于所有的成功。 失去的不仅是快乐,还有自我。 心理学家认为,成功虽然有外在的评价指标,但更多取决于当事人的内心感受; 一个人对他成功的认可与他拥有的物质财富的多少没有必然的联系。 在人生的舞台上,每个人更适合的角色就是自己,每个人的成功就是做自己。 每个人努力工作,用心生活,都会有自己的尊严和成就感。
Success is by no means the materialization of fame and wealth. Money, fame and status are equal to all success. What is lost is not only happiness, but also self. Psychologists believe that although success has external evaluation indicators, it depends more on the inner feelings of the parties; A person's recognition of his success is not necessarily related to the amount of material wealth he has. On the stage of life, everyone's most suitable role is himself, and everyone's greatest success is to be himself. Everyone who works hard and lives with his heart will have his own dignity and sense of achievement.